We not only invest in startup companies – we also collaborate with global companies to create spin-offs and joint ventures.

We work closely with the world’s leading technology companies to incubate new businesses. By leveraging our corporate partners’ strategic assets and our open innovation platform, we empower entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to build viable and enduring businesses.

Back in 2014, IoT was still in its earliest inning. We worked with Sony to create Qrio, a new brand, to accelerate entry into the nascent connected home market. Qrio launched three award-winning IoT products within two years of the joint venture’s establishment and is already a leader in the smart lock market in Japan.

Entrepreneurs within Sony had an idea to bring more delight into our daily lives: music that would follow wherever you are, just like a scene from a movie or TV drama. We empowered and invested in the team to establish a new venture called Ambie and to create a new product category – fashionable wearable devices that enhance your happiness through the power of sound and music. Ambie Sound Earcuffs sold out within the first couple days of product launch, and Ambie continues to create new lifestyle products to brighten your day.

Open Innovation Programs

We provide opportunities for our corporate partners to engage with startups and other influencers in order to drive open innovation. One of our most popular programs is the Silicon Valley Bootcamp where executives representing our corporate partners visit Silicon Valley companies to take advantage of the startup ecosystem and learn design thinking methodology.

We also run educational programs to foster entrepreneurship by request of the Japanese government. With Sido, we provide entrepreneur and intrapreneur participants hands-on training via lectures, workshops and mentoring by startup founders and execs.